Torqbar Spinner

Torqbar SpinnerYou’re looking at buying a Torqbar spinner but you don’t want to pay the price. That’s a common position many fidgeters find themselves in today. Take this small piece of advice before you go any further- pay the price they’re asking and get the quality you deserve.

Here’s what will happen if you decide to go with the cheaper Torqbar spinner: You’ll open the box, be very impressed with the looks of your new fidget toy, take it out for a spin and be hugely disappointed with the quality of the spinning experience. Your spinner might actually spin for 20-30 seconds before it wobbles to a stop.

Compare that experience with the purchase of a hand-manufactured quality Torqbar spinner with premium bearings pressed into its design: You’ll end up with a spinner that will spin for several minutes- up to 5 minutes per spin! It doesn’t take a lot of skill to manufacture a Torqbar spinner knock-off that looks great. If all you want to do with yours is place it on a shelf and admire its looks, that’s okay. If you want to use it- and we mean use it for hours on end- and impress your friends with your new expensive toy, only a quality product will do the job.

Finger Spinner carries several popular designs of high end Torqbar spinners including the new Cog Spinner that is affordably priced and made with a great spinning experience in mind. Available in brass or copper, the Cog is a terrific spinner.

Finger Spinner also carries Tri Moon spinners that are quite impressive looking. Made by Revspin, the Tri Moon is built with hybrid ceramic bearings that will spin and spin and spin. The Tri Moon’s bearings require a short break-in time, so take it slow at first and before long you’ll be spinning for minutes at a time.

Of course, Finger Spinner also carries the top quality Torqbar spinner you’ve been looking for. Their VC Spinner is made by Revspin and comes in brushed brass and copper. You’ll find knock offs of Finger Spinner’s products available on other websites but you’ll notice they cost less, which is a good indication that they do not have the quality bearings in them like that of

Finger Spinner also carries The Rainbow, a Revspin Torqbar spinner that is made from titanium that has been heat treated to produce the incredible rainbow effect it’s famous for. Finger Spinner sells The Rainbow at the lowest price you’ll find on online or anywhere else. Manufactured with high quality bearings, you’ll love using the Rainbow out in public where it will draw a crowd instantly.

Visit for the best deal on your Torqbar spinner. Check out the FAQ page to learn more about how to choose the best fidget spinner for your purposes or enjoy the informative articles on the blog page. Finger Spinner is dedicated to bringing you the best spinners out there today- guaranteed.