TorqbarFinding a quality Torqbar is not as easy as you might think. If you’ve been searching online for any length of time, you’ve probably already discovered that they come in a variety of prices. There’s a good reason for the price gap between the cheap ones and the expensive ones. A little investigation will clear up the mystery.

Cheap Torqbar fidgets are printed on a 3D plastic printer and are not able to provide the quality spinning experience that a precision-machined Torqbar can. This is because bypassing the manufacturing process leaves the product with a fatal flaw- the bearings are almost always out of balance after being printed out. Your 3D printed Torqbar may look identical to a quality machined Torqbar in every way. You’ll only notice the difference when it’s time to use it.

Using a Torqbar that has been printed out will leave you with a very dissatisfying experience. The fidget might spin, but it’s going to wobble as it spins and will come to a stop much faster than one that has had quality bearings installed in it. Finger Spinner carries Torqbar spinners that have had SS and Ceramic bearings professionally pressed into them, ensuring an extremely satisfying spin each and every time- up to 5 minutes of spinning on a single motion!

Finger Spinner’s Torqbar Spinner comes in brass, gold or copper and is hand machined to ensure you enjoy many hours of spinning. Their Revspin Rainbow is a Torqbar-style spinner that is very popular on the market today.  Made by Vaperz Cloud, this fidget spinner is made from titanium and heat treated for the beautiful rainbow effect that results. Weighing only a tad over 28 grams, the Rainbow is a fun toy to fidget with.

While it may seem like a better deal to pay less for your Torqbar, investing a little more into something you’re going to be using all the time is the smart option. The fact is that unless you purchase your Torqbar from a reputable company and pay the standard price, you’re going to receive a cheap knock-off in the mail that you’ll be disappointed with.

Once you’ve invested in the Torqbar, you’ll probably want to keep it around for a while. The Torqbar is machined with a hole on one end so you can put it on your keychain and carry it everywhere you go.

When it comes to cleaning, the Torqbar is one of the easiest types to restore to like-new operation. A quick dip in warm soapy water will usually do the job, just be sure to thoroughly dry the spinner before you put it away.

If you want the best Torqbar money can buy, stop by and have a look at their hand-machined Torqbar finger spinners- a bargain at the prices they’re going for. If you’d like more information about the Torqbar, feel free to enjoy the informative blog or read through the FAQ page to learn more.