Rotablade Stubby

Rotablade StubbyAre you searching the Internet for the best spinning experience available? You'll want to get a closer look at the Rotablade Stubby spinner. A highly-precisioned spinner, the Rotablade Stubby is designed for superior comfort and unmatched performance. Available at Finger Spinner at a very competitive price, the Stubby is sure to please.

The Rotablade Stubby is unlike anything else on the market today with a precision- machined body available in stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium. With minimal friction in mind, the Stubby was manufactured with perfect balance for a smooth rotation you just won’t find in any other spinner. Some of the popular features of the Rotablade Stubby include:

– The ability to connect to other Stubby spinners to form multiple spinners
– Can spin on top of a sharp point for impressive action while out in public
– Interchangeable grips are available in a variety of materials
– The spinner is a functioning cigar stand
– Will spin on its own on a flat surface

The superior action of the Rotablade Stubby is due to its high-precision ceramic hybrid bearings that work in unison with the weight and shape of the Stubby’s body to ensure hour after hour of effortless spins and spin times that exceed all other spinners. With the Rotablade Stubby, you can achieve spin times of 8 minutes!

Create Stubby Stax with the assistance of an accessory called the Stubby Stax Bush to connect additional Stubby bodies to your original, creating the first of its kind spinning experience you’ll want to see first-hand. If you’re looking for a fidgeting experience like no other- the Rotablade Stubby is at the cutting edge of the fidget market.

Shop on to ensure your Rotablade Stubby is a genuine product and not one of the knock-off spinners that are flooding the market today. You’ll want to steer clear of any company offering the Rotablade Stubby at a price that seems out of context with the high quality it offers. The top-performing spinners cost more than lower quality, due to their bearings and hand-machined process.

To keep your Rotablade Stubby performing up to your standards, be sure to clean if as soon as you notice any gritty performance or slowing down of your spin times. Clean in warm, soapy water and thoroughly dry before you put it up for storage. When being stored, keep the Stubby covered to reduce the amount of dust gathering on the unit.

As a precision toy, you’ll want to take great care in avoiding any damage to the Stubby. Keep out of small hands and avoid dropping or banging the product on hard surfaces.

Stop by to see the Rotablade Stubby and decide for yourself whether it’s the best spinner on the market today. With an 8-minute spin time, we feel there is simply no comparison with the Stubby to any other spinner available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Finger spinner from their Contact Us link at the top of their home page.