RotabladeAre you in the market for a Rotablade spinner? Don’t be taken in with cheap knock-off products that are called Rotablades by their resellers but are really no more than 3-D printed copies made in China. Finger Spinners sells original Rotablade spinners at unbeatable prices.

If you love to fidget, you’re in luck. Fidgeters have recently come in to their own in terms of becoming more widely accepted than ever before- including classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, public transportation and other public areas that once were closed off to fidgeting, or served to make fidgeters feel uncomfortable. In fact, until relatively recently, fidgeting was an activity that was best left to a person’s own home or bedroom.

Not so anymore. Fidgeting has not only gain in its acceptance in society, more and more studies are coming out pointing toward the benefits that fidgeting provides to children in their learning environment, to workers in their office-spaces, and as a simple application to help reduce stress and nervous energy that can build up in certain social environments.

Enter the Rotablade- the world’s most innovative spinning toy, made of durable metal and high quality bearings to provide an exceptional fidgeting experience- and best of all, the Rotablade is perfectly silent in its function, so you can use it absolutely anywhere.

The Rotablade’s unique design lends itself to several additional functions aside from spinning, as it is also a bottle opener, from either end, a cigar stand, a phone stand and an S-hook utility tool.

The Rotablade offers up to 4-minutes of spinning action on a single spin, making it a top-end performance spinner that will provide you with many years of functional fidgeting. This is not a cheap, plastic or poor quality fidget toy that’s going to break anytime soon.

If you’re serious about obtaining a Rotablade, the first step to purchasing an original product is to contact the company you are thinking about doing business with to inquire as to whether their products are the real deal or product copies. You’ll find this is the best way to protect your investment, since Rotablade spinners can be costly, however an original Rotablade spinner is a thing of beauty and is worth every penny of your investment.

Feel free to contact Finger Spinner at 850-542-1978 if you have questions about any of their products. Stop by to see their complete product line that includes a wide range of spinners and fidgeting toys, including the Rotablade, the COG spinner, the Ana Tri Moon spinner, the EDC spinner and many others.

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