Hand Spinner

Hand SpinnerAre you searching for the perfect hand spinner that will fit your hand precisely, provide a satisfying spinning experience and above all, not fall apart the first week you own it? It’s not easy finding that combination in today’s market that has been flooded with cheap plastic hand spinners.

Finger Spinner sells high quality spinners unlike most of the others that have seemed to infiltrate the fidget market. They understand their customers are looking for a spinner that will stand the test of time, allowing them to spin to their hearts’ delight without worrying that parts are going to break or pieces are going to fall off.

The problem with most hand spinners today is that they have been made out of cheap plastic- or worse, have bypassed the manufacturing process altogether and have been printed out on a 3-D printer. These products are plagued with flaws in their performance, such as poorly working bearings that get clogged up quickly with dirt and are unbalanced, leading to a short spin duration.

If you’re simply looking to build a collection of interesting and colorful spinners, you shouldn’t have any problem buying a plastic or a printed hand spinner, however, if you plan to actually get some use out of yours, you’ll want to invest in a product that has been designed to perform well and has been manufactured to last. That’s the kind of product Finger Spinner has in stock.

Take a look at Finger Spinner’s Ternion RevSpin hand spinner that features a low friction SS bearing, made of aircraft aluminum frame with a brass bearing core and brass magnetic buttons. This product has been made entirely in the USA of high quality materials that ensure you’ll be enjoying it for a long time. Choose from stock SS bearings or hybrid ceramic.

For anxiety relief and fidget itching there is absolutely nothing like a good hand spinner to reduce stress and maintain focus, especially in classroom and office areas where so often attention can drift in and out. It has been proven that fidgeting not only helps with attention, it also helps to relieve that crawling feeling can only be satisfied by finding an object that provides a satisfactory outlet. For a lot of people, spinning does that so well!

Customers absolutely love The Rainbow, a Vaperz Cloud fidget toy spinner that is made from titanium and heat treated for a beautiful rainbow effect you have to see to believe. This hand spinner weighs in at just a tad over 28 grams, making it very enjoyable to carry and use. The Rainbow is offered at a very affordable price that is below any other seller of this product we’ve been able to find online.

Find the perfect hand spinner to satisfy your urge to fidget. Shop FingerSpinner.com where you’ll always find the highest quality, enjoyable spinners, along with a wealth of information on the history of spinning, the pros and cons of buying various products and of course, a wide range of spinners to choose from.