Hand Fidgets

Hand FidgetsLooking at hand fidgets? There are so many to choose from it can be exhausting shopping for a fidget. Let Finger Spinner help you get the most from your investment so you’ll end up with a world-class fidget that will provide you with hours and hours of fidgeting satisfaction.

Not all hand fidgets are created equal; in fact, most of them are manufactured in China and are designed to appeal to the eye, but unfortunately will break after a short time of using them. The new 3D printed hand fidgets that are coming out are a great example of the poor quality on the market today. Printed Spinners are created with a fatal flaw through bypassing the manufacturing process- their spinners are almost always unbalanced.

Finger Spinner carries top quality, precision-machined hand fidgets that spin for several minutes- up to 5 minutes per spin, making them one of the most sought after hand fidgets available. You can watch the machining process when you visit FingerSpinner.com as a brass finger spinner is being manufactured by hand. Top quality bearings are inserted to ensure that these hand fidgets will stand the test of time.

There is something of a fidget toy awakening in society these days as study after study continue to come in as proof positive hand fidgets are helping students focus better in the classroom. It turns out that small and large hands alike seek out sensory input and repetitive movement, which in turn, stimulates the brain. While a lot of fidgeting may simply be a means of getting rid of anxious energy, it’s difficult to ignore the facts coming out that fidgeting is helpful in a variety of ways.

Choose your hand fidgets wisely, as they are not all made to provide the same experience. Try bringing a clicking, clacking fidget into a classroom and the teacher is bound to confiscate it until the end of the day. Finger Spinner carries the perfect hand fidgets for the classroom and office alike. The new Fidget Cube offers both silent and audible action, with each of its 6 sides featuring a unique movement: spin, roll, glide, click, flip and a unique indentation that relieves stress.

Along with the Fidget Cube, Finger Spinner carries a nice selection of quality-made finger spinners that are sure to be to your liking. Their Cog Spinner is available in brass or copper and is perfect for beginner spinners as it is very easy to spin. Weighing only 51 grams, the Cog Spinner is very popular due to it ability to be caught anywhere, with no need to reposition in order to respond.

You’ll simply love the hand fidgets available on FingerSpinner.com- and you won’t find better prices on their hard-to-find top quality spinners. Stop by online and check out the entire inventory, enjoy the informative blog or read more about what makes hand fidgets so popular today. Once you see what a quality fidget looks like, you’ll never want to use another cheap fidget again.