Finger Spinner

Finger SpinnerFinding the right finger spinner is not an easy thing to do. Before you go out there and drop a hundred dollars on a sub-par quality spinner that breaks the first week you own it, consider a few bits of advice from the leader in finger spinner sales.

Finger Spinner is in the business of bringing their customers the absolute finest spinners on the market today, and in educating fidgety shoppers in how to spend their money wisely. There are so many finger spinner manufacturers appearing on the market due to the wave of popularity fidgeting is experiencing, unwary customers can easily get taken advantage of.

Consider the plastic finger spinners that are flooding the marketplace. While they’re cheap- that’s half the problem. Plastic finger spinners are simply not designed to stand up to the daily spinning they are put through- the best case scenario is that you may be able to get a couple of hours of fidgeting out of a plastic finger spinner; after that, you’ll own nothing but a pile of plastic junk.

You may have heard about the new 3-D printed spinners that are also making a strong presence in the market, however before you make a rash purchase online there are several things you should know about a printed finger spinner. The printing process has totally eliminated the manufacturing process, leaving the product open to a host of problems that may have nothing to do with the product’s design and everything to do with it having been printed out. Printed spinners are almost always faulty in their performance.

If you’re looking for an incredible spin time, choose a high quality finger spinner that is made of metal, with bearings that will provide you with an extremely satisfying spinning experience- and a quiet one, something a plastic or 3-D printed finger spinner is not going to be able to provide you with.

Today’s fidgeters want to fidget in places where they may not have traditionally been able to- including in the classroom, the meeting room, the office, on the bus, in the car, in close proximity to others who may be quite annoyed by repetitive sounds, such as clicking, clacking, whirring, tapping, or other noises. A quality finger spinner can be used virtually anywhere and remain undetected by sound.

Finally, consider this last piece of advice before you purchase a finger spinner: When the cheap, plastic spinner that saved you so much money stops working almost immediately or breaks, you’ll have to make a second purchase. Instead of wasting time and money, spend a little more on a spinner that will provide you with the satisfying experience you’re looking for- one that will ultimately last a long time.

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