Fidget Toys

Fidget ToysFinger Spinner sells the best fidget toys on the market today for those who are looking for a quality spinner that will stand the test of time. If you’ve been searching high and low for a great spinner but have been discouraged by what looks to be a market full of cheap, plastic toys that will break after one or two uses, you’re certainly not alone!

If your quest for the perfect finger spinner has led you to stop here, we encourage you to check out the fidget toys available at They understand the frustration of their customers who have invested in the 3-D printed spinners that were supposed to be the latest and greatest fidget toys, but instead were plagued by performance issues. It’s no wonder- how can you expect a product that has bypassed the entire manufacturing process to perform up to its original design?

The fact is that 3-D fidget toys have been highly disappointing to their customers. Unbalanced bearings result in a very short duration of spin that is anything but satisfying. Plastic fidget toys are no more reliable and can be expected to break or fall apart within the first couple of hours- which is fine if you merely want to build a colorful collection of fidget toys. The problem is that most customers want to actually use their spinners- and use them, and use them.

Finger Spinner’s unique collection of fidget toys have all passed the stringent inspection of the company and have been deemed worthy to grace the pages of their website. Take a closer look at a few of the fidget toys available:

– The Rainbow is one of the most popular fidget toys on the market today and at $75 it is the absolute lowest price you’ll find it anywhere. From Vaperz Cloud, this spinner is made from titanium and heat treated for the beautiful rainbow effect that results. Weighing in at just a tad over 28 grams, The Rainbow fits the hand like few other spinners out there and provides the satisfying spinning experience you’re yearning for.

Fidget toys at Finger Spinner sell out quickly, however they do their very best to keep them in stock for their customers. Many high quality spinners are manufactured in limited number runs, so once they have sold out they can be very difficult to obtain. You’ll find several of the most popular titanium fidget toys for sale on

While finger spinners all look about the same on the outside, the real difference in the materials and in the bearings. The key to a great fidget spinner can be found in the quality of bearings that have gone into making the spinner. Metal spinners can provide a three, four or even five minute spin while 3-D printed or plastic spinners may spin around for a minute, at best, and their spinning time will quickly deteriorate as they are used.

Visit and have a look around at their inventory, their informative blog and interesting articles. Get educated in what makes a quality spinner and we feel certain you’ll have a much easier time picking out your next fidget toy.