Fidget Toy Spinner

Fidget Toy SpinnerAre you on a quest to find the perfect fidget toy spinner? You won’t find it in a 3-D printed spinner- they’ve been proven to be nothing but a disappointment to the market. Finger Spinner sells high quality fidget toys that stand up to the test of time and provide the satisfying long spinning action customers are looking for.

If you’ve been searching for a fidget toy spinner for any length of time, you’ve no doubt, come across a colorful variety of plastic spinners with bearing inserts. These 3-D printed spinners come in a wide range of colors and styles and can prove to make a terrific collection for the enthusiast, however, if you want to actually use your spinner for more than a couple of hours without it breaking, you’ll want to invest in a better product.

3-D printing has proven to the fidget toy market its inability to provide a very satisfying fidget experience. Something goes wrong between the design of the product and the performance of the end result. Printed spinners are plagued by all sorts of issues that range from unbalanced bearings that lead to short spin times to colors that quickly fade and lose their aesthetic appeal.

In just about any market, you can take to the bank the age-old statement that you’ll get what you pay for. Nowhere else is this any truer than in the fidget toy spinner market. While a customer can stop into a dollar store any day of the week and pick up a plastic spinner for a few dollars, they can also count on parts and pieces of it falling off or breaking almost immediately.

Finger Spinner recommends spending a bit more on your fidget toy spinner and getting a lot more enjoyment out of it. The spinners for sale on their website have been chosen for their ability to provide customers with an exceptional spinning experience, with absolute quiet operation- something that is a must, considering some of the places where fidgeters will want to do their fidgeting.

Today, there is a place for the fidget toy spinner in the classroom, the meeting room, the office, the school bus, the backseat of the car and just about everywhere else- provided the spinner is silent. When fidgeting in close proximity with others, it’s essential that no one is bothered by clicking, clacking, tapping, grinding, whirring, or other sounds that can distract to a great degree.

Check out to see why customers love their products. We’re pretty sure you’re going to find the perfect fidget toy spinner in their inventory- but it’s only safe to warn you, many of their spinners have been manufactured in limited number runs and sell out quickly. Once a custom-made spinner sells out, they can be difficult to obtain until another batch is manufactured.

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