fidget Box

fidget BoxIf you thought a fidget box couldn’t provide you with a satisfying fidgeting experience, you’re going to want to get a closer look at the original Fidget Cube. While a ‘box’ might not be the first shape that comes to mind when you think of the perfect shape to hold in your hand, you may be surprised to find out just how many people once thought the very same thing and are now happily fidgeting to their heart’s delight on this interesting and very addictive fidget box.

The Fidget Cube was presented on Kickstarter as a project seeking to raise 15 thousand dollars, however as time passed it became evident that fidgeting was a subject that struck keep into the hearts of people everywhere. The project has raised nearly 6 and a half million dollars and is still going strong.

The fact is that the Fidget box project could not have been presented at a better time in history; with fidgeting just coming into its own at this time, it is becoming more and more acceptable in places where it was once shunned. carries the original Fidget Cube in a wide range of color schemes we’re pretty sure you’re going to love. You can find the perfect one to meet your fidgeting needs on their website.

The Fidget Cube is something that can be used in a classroom without disrupting other students or the instructor. It can also be used in an office, a meeting room, while traveling in a car, bus, train or other mode of transport- anywhere fingers seek out that satisfying feeling. There are a couple of brilliant features to this fidget box that makes it exceptional; one of them being two sides that offer both silent and audible action.

Pen clickers everywhere- unite! If you’re among the group of us who don’t seem to notice the room full of people staring at us with daggers in their eyes as we incessantly click away on our pens, oblivious to the hatred being directed toward us, you’ll love the double-feature of the cube’s click side. There are five clicking buttons set up like the pips on a die- three of which are audible and two completely silent.

Clicking, of course, is only one of 6 ways to scratch that fidgety urge. The six sides of the fidget box include: click, glide, roll, spin, breathe, and flip. Yet if you thought choosing your favorite side was going to be the most difficult part of owning one of these cubes, think again. With so many eye-catching color schemes to choose from, you’ll find it almost impossible to find the one you like best.

What we have learned from science is that fidgeting is a good ting. We’ve spent a collective season in ignorance as a people, spreading myths about fidgeting and labeling it as a negative behavior when all along, science has been waiting to reveal its secrets. The fidget box has made its way into the spotlight at the perfect time in our planet’s evolution.

Order the original Fidget Cube box at at a great price. While on the website, enjoy their informative blog and FAQ page, designed for visitors to learn more about fidgeting and fidget toys.