FidgetFinger Spinner knows you’re looking for the perfect fidget toy to calm your fidgeting urges, which is why they make available the highest quality fidgets on the market today. If you’ve been searching for a fidget for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across a host of cheap, plastic, Chinese fidgets that were designed to be used once and thrown away. That’s not what you’ll find at Finger Spinner.

At Finger Spinner, you’ll only find made in the USA finger spinners, manufactured to precision, with the finest bearings that will provide you with up to 5 minutes of spin time on a single spin. You absolutely will not find that with a cheap 3D plastic spinner. The problem with most of the printed spinners that have flooded the market recently is that being printed, they have bypassed the entire manufacturing process and are left with design flaws.

If you actually want to use your spinner, and not just collect them because they look pretty, you’ll want to invest in one that has SS bearings or ceramic bearings for an exceptional spin. Finger Spinner carries a variety of spinners including the ANA Tri Moon spinner that is awesome to watch while it’s spinning. They also carry the Rainbow spinner that has been made from titanium that has been heat treated to result in the beautiful rainbow effect that you see.

Finger Spinner also carries what many have called the ultimate fidget toy- the Fidget Cube, that is available now for a limited amount of time at a great price. The Fidget Cube has grown to be the world’s most popular fidget due to the fact that it satisfies a wide range of fidgeting urges. For example, you might wish to purchase a fidget that provides you with clicking satisfaction, or a great rolling feeling. Fidgets come in all sizes and shapes, each offering their cure for what drives your fidgeting urge.

The Fidget Cube is unlike any other fidget on the market because it meets the needs of almost every fidgeter. Consider its 6 sides and what each offers:

– Glide: Joystick action to the tee! One of the most popular sides of the cube, for a very good reason.

– Click: Pen clickers come here for audible or silent clicking action, depending on their needs at the moment.

– Roll: Two types of rolling action for maximum enjoyment.

– Breathe: A relaxing, worry-stone feeling that calms and satisfies.

– Flip: Slow for silent mode or quick for soft clicking action.

– Spin: The small protrusion on the spinner makes spinning effortless and quite enjoyable.

You may find that choosing the color scheme you like best is the most difficult part of ordering the Fidget Cube. With so many color combinations to choose from, it might be best to close your eyes and pick one- otherwise you may spend an hour in your shopping cart unable to decide.

Visit to find the perfect fidget to calm your fingers. You’ll find only the highest quality products are available from Finger Spinner.