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anxiety ToysFinger Spinner carries a wide variety of anxiety toys that will keep your fingers busy for hours. Whether you’re searching for the perfect fidget for the classroom, something to entertain you during those boring office meetings or for another purpose altogether, you’ll find what you need at

Spin off your nervous energy with a precision-machined finger spinner that has grown to popularity in recent months and is known as one of the best anxiety toys on the market. Finger Spinner’s amazing inventory includes the very unique Cog Spinner, the Ana Tri Moon Spinner, Lil Brass Dog EDC Spinner, Infinity Spinner, VC Spinner, Triton Spinner, the Ternion Revspin Color Collection EDC Spinner, and The Rainbow.

It has not been so long in the past that anxiety toys were not acceptable in public; in fact fidgets and the like were looked down upon for a long time as if they were a distraction to those who were already highly distractible. Studies are coming in now that disprove the old theories and are bringing to the light new evidence that anxiety toys are able to help students focus better and workers perform better.

There are numerous anxiety toys flooding the market today, making it difficult to choose the right one. Before you spend your money on a fidget that will break the first time you use it, or not perform to your satisfaction, consider a few of the following features all quality anxiety toys must have:

– A fidget should be silent in its operation. Squeaking, clicking, ticking, whirring, whistling and other noises will undoubtedly irritate those around you, especially in a classroom or office setting. The key to being able to use your fidget in close proximity with other people is its ability to function without making noise.

– A reliable fidget is precision made- not printed out on a 3D printer. Yes, those printed spinners are pleasing to look at; in fact many people collect them and seek out unusual colors and designs. If you’re planning to keep your anxiety toys on a shelf at home, that’s fine, however if you plan to use yours, we recommend you leave the printed fidgets for the collectors.

– If you’re buying a spinner, take a close look at the bearings, which is the key to the spinner’s function. You’ll want to buy a spinner that has been manufactured with quality bearings so that it will spin for a long time. Finger Spinner carries the best spinners available today.

– If we’re talking about anxiety toys, we simply have to include the Fidget Cube in our conversation. With its 6 sides, the Fidget Cube has what you’re looking for in an anxiety toy, whether you like to click, spin, roll, flip, glide or de-stress, the Fidget Cube offers silent and audible action that will leave your fingers very satisfied.

Check out all of the anxiety toys at, where you’ll find great prices and a terrific selection. Enjoy the informative blog as you shop for your perfect fidget.